Humans are beings who thrive when properly connected, so we are glad you are here. Through counseling and community programs, our goal is to impact the community: one moment, one experience, one person at a time. Welcome!

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3rd annual Tea in Celebration and Girls and the Women They Love

I want to introduce you to six women and one young lady who exemplify the theme for this year.  With diligence, they have worked to stay connected at a time when we really do need each other.

Cheryl Merritt has been affiliated with the Girl Scout organization in Charleston, SC for over 30 years.  Last summer, she started a virtual troop to bring 6 girls in the Atlanta area together so they could share in her love and appreciation for scouting.  The girls have completed several projects such as a virtual easter egg hunt, making s’mores, craft projects, and more to keep them engaged and connected.   


LaQuinte Brinson is the founder of the Break-up, LLC and Academy of Visions.  Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, she hosted a monthly meetup, Surrounded in Sisterhood or SIS for women to discuss various topics and gain support from one another.  Earlier this year, she switched to an online platform that has quickly grabbed the attention of almost 800 women.  She engages daily with the group to continue to offer encouragement and support that is much needed. 


Valencia Warren is responsible for the Kingdom Kidz children’s ministry at Berean Church.  Her efforts have resulted in an online space where children gather twice each week, in addition to periodic meetings at the church for various activities that allow for safety while staying connected.  She and her amazing team have been the epitome of creativity as they work to keep the children involved. 


Natasha Robinson is the founder of These 5 Girls, a Christian-based organization and movement that is created to change the hearts and minds of women by providing inspiration, life essential training, and resources to build self-awareness while creating a brighter future.  She has utilized an online platform to continue to reach women, nationwide. 

Tamara Robinson and Chase Simmons are a mother/daughter duo who have been heavily involved in the St. Louis area in a variety of ways, from a virtual coffee shop to entrepreneurial endeavors that offer connection through education.  


JeQuita Zachary-Johnson is an author who has really stayed connected with the community this year.  She has embraced her online community by offering livestreams to spotlight businesses, host children’s book week with live book readings for kids, create a space to discuss the tough topics in relationships, and more. 

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