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SMILE is more than a cute acronym to encourage you to bend the corners of your mouth upwards; it is a statement of truth for many people.  Significant Moments Impact Lives Eternally, and that impact is experienced daily...for what can feel like an eternity.    


SMILE Project Empowers, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization that believes education and connection with others are necessary to strengthen individuals and build communities. Through theme-specific programming, we enrich the lives of participants in ways that are reflective of their areas of need.



Impact the community: one moment, one experience, one person at a time.


   The mission of SMILE Project Empowers, Inc. is to offer programs and services that encourage people in the community to share knowledge and experiences that help to: build relationships, empower, inspire, increase self-awareness, and promote personal and professional development.

Board of Directors

Brandei DeBerry, Esq

Charmaine Townsend

Naima Hicks

Ashaunda Davis

Executive Director

Hope Williams

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