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Celebrating Girls of Color

Girls in grades K-12 are invited to join us, annually, for Celebrating Girls of Color. This is a day of empowerment, education, and inspiration specifically designed with girls of color in mind.

This annual program is hosted in October.

Holiday Angel Tree

In recognition of the initial purpose of SMILE Project, the Holiday Angel Tree is hosted for children who have lost their parent(s).  Because of the generosity of individuals and businesses in the community, each child receives gifts from their wish list as well as other goodies.  This program offers an opportunity for the children and their families to celebrate the holiday season while normalizing their grief.


This annual program takes place on the third Saturday in December.

Tea in Celebration of Girls and the Women they Love

This program is a celebration of the relationships shared between women and girls.  While donning fancy hats, sipping tea, and enjoying refreshments, attendees engage in an experience that affirming, uplifting, and most of all, celebrates relationships and connection!  

This annual program takes place in May.

Tiaras and Ties-A celebration with Your Favorite Guy

This annual program honors the relationships that girls/women have with the special men in their lives.  With a different theme each year, the sentiment remains the same.  These are relationships that are cherished and celebration-worthy! 


This annual event is hosted in June.

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Goal (Re)Defining Workshop 

This workshop for adults and teens includes expert panelists to address ways to set, and achieve, goals in the areas of health, finance, real estate, and mental wellness. Program attendees sculpt their lifestyle to reflect personal success in the upcoming year.   

This annual program takes place on the fourth Saturday in January.

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