Setting comfort aside

If I must admit, asking for help is difficult for me. For the most part, if I have needed something done, I figure out how to make it happen. It's a pattern that doesn't always make sense, but that's how I tend to function.

Now that I am committed to S.M.I.L.E. Project, I am having to set aside what makes me comfortable and remember that this is a mission that is bigger than me and will require resources that I can not always provide. Hence, I am setting comfort aside, and at times it makes me uncomfortable. I am getting uncomfortable just thinking about the fact that I might actually hit "publish" when I finish typing this!!!

S.M.I.L.E. is an acronym for "significant moments impact lives eternally" and my mission is to help people to acknowledge the moments that have impacted them and also to help create other significant moments. So, right now, I am working on two upcoming Angel tree/Holiday party for children who have lost a parent and a tea to bring together women and girls in celebration of the relationships shared. To make these things happen, I have been brainstorming with friends and family, asking for help to spread the word, asking for sponsors for the gifts for the Angel tree, asking for tea ambassadors...whew I think I have reached my personal max for the year of asking!! But I know I can't stop. Like I said, this is bigger than me and I would be crazy to think that S.M.I.L.E. Project can reach it's maximum potential by using only what I have to offer.

Maybe, hopefully, by now you are wondering how you can help without me even asking. Remember, I told you I have reached my max. :) In case you need me to say it, will you please consider helping?

You said yes? Okay, great! Here's how you can help:

For the Angel tree, I need gift sponsors. That can happen a couple different ways. You can choose a kid, purchase your gifts, and we can meet up to exchange gifts and my HUGE thank you! The other way is to send a financial contribution in the amount you choose and I will shop on your behalf for a kid on the tree. Also, please tell your friends and family about this opportunity to help. I also need help spreading the word to the guardians of kids who have experienced such a loss. If you have or know of a kid who has lost a parent, please share the information about this event. There is no cost for families who wish to participate, my hope is to just be able to help them create a significant moment during a time that can be tremendously difficult.

Maybe you, or your business, want to get a little more creative with your contribution. Please reach out so we can collaborate and get you involved!

I am hoping to hear from you!

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