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Celebrating Girls of Color-Loving the Skin I’m In

Recognizing the challenges faced, this program is dedicated to empowering and inspiring girls of color.  The girls who participate in "Loving the Skin I'm In" are enlightened by presenters on various topics related to health, beauty, and wellness (both mental and physical).  They engage in activities to introduce creative ways in which they can receive and respond to the world around them.  Girls are separated into groups, based on age, to allow for age appropriate activities and discussions.  This annual program is hosted on the second Saturday in October.

Holiday Angel Tree 

In recognition of the initial purpose of SMILE Project, the Holiday Angel Tree is hosted for children who experience the holiday season without the presence of their parent(s) because of the death of the parent(s).  Because of the generosity of individuals and businesses in the community, each child received gifts from their wish list as well as other goodies such as passes to view the Lights of Life at Life University.  This program offers an opportunity for the children and their families to celebrate the holiday season and be surrounded in a way that helped their loss feel a bit more normal.  It also proves to be an opportunity for guardians to find support with each other and share experiences as they are working to find their family’s new normal.  This annual program takes place on the second Saturday in December.

Tea in Celebration of Girls and the Women they Love

This program is designed to be a celebration of the relationships shared between women and girls.  The focus of the first event was affirming self and others.  Attendees received this message through song, spoken word, and an interactive activity.  The theme of the second event was “Wearing and Sharing Our Pearls.” A video of “pearls of wisdom” shared by girls and women from 7-75 years old offered a perfect reminder to the 160 attendees, spanning 4 generations, of the importance of passing knowledge and lessons learned through various experiences.  This annual program takes place on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend.

Tiaras and Ties-An Evening with Your Favorite Guy

During this event, girls spend an evening with the special guy in their lives and experience music, dancing, food, crafts, games, and more!  Girls are invited to attend with their fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and friends to celebrate relationship and connectiveness.  This annual event is hosted on the Saturday on Father’s Day weekend.

Vision Board Workshop

With expert panelists to address ways to set, and achieve, goals in the areas of health, finance, real estate, and mental wellness, program attendees become better prepared to be successful in the upcoming year.  Presenters also engage children and teens to discuss topics relevant to their ages.  This annual program takes place on the fourth Saturday in January.


With a total of over 50 attendees, this first public event for SMILE Project was a huge success!  In addition to learning more about the mission of SMILE Project, guests were reminded of the important connection between physical and mental health and wellness. 

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