A promise to help…

I remember a lot of tears, but I don't remember crying. 

                                                                                  I recall my mom being taken from her bedroom on the hospital bed and being asked if I

                                                                                  wanted to say anything to her, and I remember not knowing what to say.  I was six years

                                                                                  old and my Mommy had just died from cancer.  Things changed, home changed, life

                                                                                  changed...and it was hard.  Even now, the good times can be tough because I still long for

                                                                                  my mother's presence, her support, advice, and love.

                                                                                  When my grandmother died in May 2010, her death prompted my return to school in

                                                                                  hopes to help brighten the outcome for children who were like me...confused, vulnerable,

                                                                                  and lonely after a loss.  I enrolled in the graduate Counseling program at Mercer

                                                                                  University because I was exposed to grief again, but this time I was old enough to understand and I didn't like it.  My mind couldn't rest knowing that there were children experiencing the emotions that my adult heart and mind were having difficulty handling.  At that point I decided to do my part to make a change in how families and society respond to children who are grieving. 

So here I am. 

My experiences have brought me to this place.  I am pursuing my life's purpose and my prayer is

that your family will be positively impacted by the S.M.I.L.E. Project.  I thank you for trusting me to

share this healing journey with you.  


Empowering the SMILE…

"SMILE" refers to the significant moments that children and families experience daily.  At S.M.I.L.E. Project, whether it is death, divorce, relocation, social anxiety, or something else, we believe that these moments are unique to each family and possibly

impact lives eternally. 

By providing quality counseling services, our goal is to create even more significant moments that will educate, encourage, support, comfort.  We will do what it takes to leave a lasting impression, by providing tools that will...

Hope Williams, LPC

When life happens, it can be difficult to adapt and respond. 

Hope Williams, founder of S.M.I.L.E. Project Support Services, LLC, offers peace and clarity as her clients navigate through these difficult, and sometimes uncertain, experiences.

A graduate of Mercer University’s Penfield College, Hope is licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor

in the state of Georgia and dedicated to using her education and skills to help children, adolescents, and

their families manage their unique situations and identify healthy solutions.  She has always had a heart

for children, but truly discovered her passion while working at a residential psychiatric facility for children

and adolescents in Atlanta, GA.  She finds the opportunity to help children better understand themselves,

and their behaviors rewarding and believes helping children and their parent(s) understand each other is

imperative to enhancing relationships at home and decreasing the display of problematic behaviors.

She has served clients in a variety of settings, to include: private practice, school and community groups, acute psychiatric facilities, a residential psychiatric facility, and as a CORE services in-home provider.  This has afforded her the opportunity to broaden the view of her therapeutic lens. Using a combination of play therapy, client-centered therapy, and cognitive behavioral interventions, she works to assist clients in reaching their therapeutic goals.

Hope’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Clinical/Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University and a BBA in Marketing from Georgia Southern University.  She is credentialed as LPC, NCC, and EAS-C and, in an out-patient setting, offers individual, family, and group counseling.

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