See how we empower smiles...

We work specifically with children after they have experienced the death of a parent. When surrounded by peers who have also experienced loss of a parent, children find strength to share their stories and process their experience. Support groups afford the comfort of being around others who understand. Normalization and inclusion are invaluable tools in helping our children and families find their smile. 

Each child and family's experience is unique. Furthermore, members of the same family will likely have different responses to a loss.  While support groups are helpful, oftentimes family and individual care is needed.  We have licensed professionals who are able to provide individual and family counseling when needed.

Empowering a child's smile may require more than group involvement. The loss of a loved one impacts children differently. Furthermore, children in the same family will likely have noticeably different responses to the "same" loss. We work actively with families to provide the necessary resources to respond to their unique situation and the provided the needed personalized treatment.







Personalized Care

To encourage a healthy grief process, we educate each child about the stages of grief and the grieving process. With us, they will have the opportunity to engage with trained professionals as they navigate life without the physical presence of their loved one. With education, comes understanding and insight...and that empowers.

Denial, isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance are all "normal" emotions experienced during the grief process.  However, the experience can feel far from normal.  We will educate families, participants, and caregivers  so they can navigate the emotions in a healthy manner.

Support Groups